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Covid-19 - Questions & Answers

If my cat is sick can I still bring her in?

We are available for all veterinary services. This includes emergencies & urgent care, illness, dentistry, surgery, and wellness care. To reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19, in some cases telemedicine will be offered as an alternative to providing hands-on care.

I am in self isolation due to recent travel, illness, or risk level and my cat needs care or veterinary supplies. What do I do?

Please tell us if you have recently travelled or are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 so we can determine how to best serve you while keeping everyone safe.

We recommend that someone you trust brings in your cat or picks up supplies for you, if possible. During or after the exam, we may communicate by phone to discuss our findings and recommendations for care. In the event that this is not possible, contact a taxi service to see if they can courier your cat to our door & our team will take it from there. Our last option may be for you to call us upon your arrival and wait in your car while a team member arranges to come out to get your cat (last option depends on current government regulations).

I am a client and my cat has a minor health problem or a flare-up of a recurring non-life threatening health issue.

Do I have to bring him in to receive care?

It depends. In many cases, telemedicine is an option. Telemedicine is the delivery of veterinary advice via phone, email or video consultation where our veterinarian and team will discuss your questions and cat's health with you while consulting his or her medical file. We encourage you to email us a picture or video of your cat's issue, whichever may be more helpful to our veterinary team. There is a fee for telemedicine consultation. Please call or email us for further details.

My cat is on a veterinary diet, medication, or supplement. Can I order extra to have on hand "just in case"?

Yes, at this time there are no expected delays for orders. As usual for any large or special order, please allow up to 7 business days.

Our regular return policy is in effect. 

Is there anything else I should expect?

Rest assured that our team is taking every precaution to keep you and your family safe. This includes doing our best to:

  • protect each other by staff wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) including masks, gloves, lab coats, & eye protection as needed

  • not shake hands yet still offer a friendly greeting,

  • uphold the City of Sudbury's public health policies


Should you feel more comfortable leaving your cat in our hands for their appointment, this can be arranged.

Here's how:

1. Ring the doorbell or call us from your car when you arrive at the cat hospital.

2. Place your cat (secured in its labelled carrier) just inside our door OR if on leash/harness/blanket instead, place your cat inside the provided cat kennel in the front entrance. 

3. Be available by phone for us to call you to ask any questions or let you know when the appointment is finished.

4. We will make payment arrangement and you can pick up your cat just inside our front door.

Please tell us if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 so we can determine how to best serve you while keeping everyone safe.

Did you know? - Veterinary medicine is considered an essential service by the Government of Ontario, allowing us to continue to serve you and your cat with high quality veterinary care when needed most.

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