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Hospital Policies

Successful and comprehensive veterinary care is based upon our relationship with you and your cat(s):


For the health and safety of your animal(s), and as per the College of Veterinarians (CVO) regulations, we must maintain a current and valid Veterinarian-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR) in order for our healthcare team to provide quality veterinary services.


To maintain our VCPR, please take note of the following policies:


Preventive Care & Patient handling:

  • For the safety of your cat as well as our staff, please inform us at time of booking whether your cat has bitten or scratched anyone at previous veterinary appointments (or has attempted to), is known to be aggressive towards strangers, or if you suspect that your cat is likely to become aggressive during a veterinary visit. Any serious animal bite or scratch may be reported as required by law.

  • We advise that all animals be secured in a carrier or on leash when coming into the clinic.

  • We recommend that all patients of appropriate age be spayed, neutered, microchipped and kept up-to-date on their vaccinations and anti-parasite control as recommended by our veterinarian. We also accept proof of current vaccine titres. Please note that rabies vaccination and pet registration with the city is advisable by law.

  • Pet insurance is recommended for all patients.

  • All previous medical records must be forwarded from any previous or current veterinarian(s), owner, breeder, or shelter/rescue. This enables us to maintain a continuity of care and prevent medical errors.

  • In order to stay current on your animal's health and maintain our relationship and for us to provide your cat with the best care we have to offer, each patient must be seen annually at minimum. For senior or geriatric patients, and for patients with serious or long-term health conditions, our veterinarian may recommend more frequent progress exams in order to stay current on the needs of your cat.

  • We do not take new patients on emergency basis.

  • Emergency care is available for registered patients with a valid and current VPCR. Please call the hospital at 705-586-0414 and follow the prompts for registered emergency service. Otherwise, please call the veterinarian on call for Sudbury at 705-222-5525.

Client Services:

  • We must promptly be notified of any change in your contact information, including spouse, emergency and agent information. Should we fail to be able to contact you after multiple attempts and means available, the VPCR may be considered discontinued.

  • You reserve the right to request a treatment plan or estimate for services to be provided.

  • You are entitled to a second opinion at any time. Should you choose to seek veterinary care elsewhere for any reason, we require prompt notice so as to coordinate care of services and help prevent medical errors. Veterinary care may no longer be available If we are informed of transfer for care to another veterinarian, notice has been given that the VPCR is discontinued, or it is reasonably assumed your pet is no longer in need of our services as per CVO regulations.

  • Registered clients are to be provided with professional care and service.

  • Each member of our team is to be treated with respect. Derogatory comments, and verbal or physical abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

Fees & Payment Plans:

  • Fees for our veterinary care are due at time of services rendered.

  • HST is applicable to veterinary services and products.

  • We accept cash, interac, mastercard and visa. We may require a deposit or payment up-front for veterinary services. Interest may be accrued on accounts overdue by more than 30 days.

  • Payment plans may be available through third-party financing programs.

  • There is a fee for missed appointments or when notice of less than 1 business day is given in advanced of the scheduled time of appointment:                      Medical appointment - $60

                     Surgery, dentistry, or medical test/procedure - 50% of the upper-end of the estimate 

Privacy policy:


  • Client & patient information is to remain confidential as per College of Veterinarians regulations. 

  • We use a secure medical program platform to maintain and store patient files.

  • Your and your pet's information will never be sold to third parties.

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