Welcome to the Sudbury Regional Cat Hospital - we look forward to caring for your feline family member!

Please find below some helpful information about cat health & behaviour. 


For new clients, we require that you fill out a Client Registration Form. Click here to print & fill out at your convenience and bring with you on your cat's first visit. We also have forms available at the office. 

Why choose a cat-only hospital?
  • Our team is trained to handle cats with care which makes a big difference in promoting a calm and friendly environment for your cat

  • Our clinic is free of sounds and smells of other kinds of animals that may stress your feline companion

  • Our team can readily identify signs of stress or pain in your cat and take quick steps to make them feel more at home 

  • The emotional state and well-being of your cat is taken into consideration when creating each treatment plan 

  • Our focus is 100% on cat health, allowing us to hone our skills and knowledge to best serve your feline friend

  • We offer a full-service veterinary hospital 

Tips for your first visit:

We want your visit to be comfortable and stress free for your feline (and you too)! Check out this info-graphic for tips on keeping them calm and feeling secure as they travel to the hospital. We recommend a carrier for any visit and especially if they are coming for surgery or a prolonged stay.


Click on the title to view the pdf

Feline nutrition

Feline allergies

Essential oils: what you need to know

How can I get my cat to drink more water?

How to prevent cats from scratching in undesirable areas

Litter box care to prevent or treat elimination problems

The following websites are great resources as well:

From the American Association of Feline Practitioners

Questions about FeLV and FIV - click here

Your cat's environmental needs - click here

How to know if your cat is in pain - click here

Feline diabetes - click here

Indoor cat initiative - tips for enriching your cats life indoors

Interested in feline nutrition? We recommend checking out catinfo.org

Want to make your own cat food? Check out balance it to calculate a balanced diet

Is your cat under or over their ideal weight? Check out this calorie calculator to help you stay on track for their health - calorie calculator









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