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         After-hours Emergency Calls are now triaged through SmartVet
Emergency Services will be referred to the nearest 24-hour Emergency Hospital 

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What is happening?

After-hours phone calls will now be forwarded to SmartVet, a triaging and telemedicine service. As before, you will call our hospital line 705-586-0414 in the event of an emergency and follow the prompts. When your call is directed, you will speak with a registered veterinary technician about your pet health concerns. The technician will ask you questions in order to triage your call. You may be offered telemedicine with one of their veterinarians, or it may be advised that you bring your cat to the closest 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital for care.


Click here for details about the triage process & telemedicine


There is no charge to speak with the technician for triage advice. A fee will apply for telemedicine with the veterinarian.

When is this taking place?

Effective currently, after-hours emergency calls are being triaged by SmartVet.


As of March 1st, 2024 we will be referring after hours emergencies and those needing 24 hour care to the nearest 24 hour emergency hospital (see below: Where will I need to take my cat for after hours care?).

How does this affect me?

Our veterinary-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is evolving to include services provided by SmartVet and referral to 24 hour Emergency Hospital for after hours and 24 hour veterinary care. 

The benefits of a 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital include:

- high level of care throughout the day and night by veterinary professionals

- veterinarians who focus on emergency and critical care medicine

- availability of a wider range of diagnostics and emergency services

You will need to travel out of town to access a 24 hour veterinary emergency hospital (See below: Where will I need to take my cat for after-hours care?)

What do I need to do?

There is nothing you need to do differently in order to continue accessing our services, though it is recommended to stay on top of your cat's wellness care. In many cases, maintaining an awareness of your cat's current health status allows you to seek veterinary care in a timely manner before it becomes an emergency.


Having a travel plan in place is advised in the event that an emergency visit is necessary. We do not provide transportation. 

Where will I need to take my cat for after-hours care?

Here is a list of the nearest 24 hour emergency hospitals:

Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic (Barrie ON)

404 Veterinary Emergency and Referral Hospital (Newmarket ON)

King Animal Hospital (King City ON)

Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital (Scarborough ON)

Veterinary Emergency Clinic (Toronto ON)

Please note that the Emergency hospital should be notified prior to your arrival, and the emergency hospital of choice may not be available depending on wait times. SmartVet may assist in this referral but please make sure you are clear on which hospital you are going to and that the referral has been placed prior to travel.

Is there not a local option?

Unfortunately there are no 24-hour emergency hospitals in Sudbury. There is a local veterinary association that has a veterinarian on call, however availability is limited and you may be referred out of town. There is no specific number to reach the veterinarian on call for Sudbury, as it rotates through the various hospitals. 

I still have questions!

Click here for details about triaging and telemedicine.

For other non-urgent questions about accessing emergency care please drop us a line. Individual emails may not be answered however this FAQ will be updated based on pertinent

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