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Pets are not able to communicate their symptoms to us and in fact often try to hide signs of illness from us so we rely on specimen testing including blood, urine, stool, and other diagnostic testing.


We are highly trained to collect samples from your cat in the gentlest ways possible, always keeping patient comfort a priority. We utilize low-stress handling techniques such as using pheromone sprays, wrapping your cat in a towel, and food distractions as our go-to ways to keep your feline calm. Should the need arise, we are prepared to provide your cat with the least amount of sedation needed to safely get the job done.

Diagnostic results give us a lot of information about what is going on internally in your cat at that moment. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to run a wide range of tests and the results are quickly available. In emergency situations we can have certain results within minutes. When specialized tests are needed, they are analyzed at our reference laboratory.


Bloodwork can tell us a lot about your cats health. When we analyze bloodwork on site, we obtain information about cell counts, organ function, proteins and glucose, electrolyte balance and viral load. This helps us quickly diagnose and treat health issues that arise, and provide high quality care to your feline. 


At the cat hospital, our trained technicians analyze tissue samples for abnormalities. This can involve collecting impression smears of skin irritations to look for surface bacteria or the presence of yeast, allowing us to provide the most appropriate treatment options. Skin scrapings or hair may be pulled to look for ectoparasites such as mange. 


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