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Health & Wellness


We offer nutritional and behavioural counselling and carry a wide variety of specialty and therapeutic diets for all life stages and disease conditions. We also provide quality supplements for general wellness and for acute and chronic disease conditions.

We recommend pet insurance for all ages, as health concerns can happen at any life stage.

For kittens, we focus on protection of common viruses and parasites through vaccination and deworming, and check your kitten from nose to tail for any visible healthy problems. We recommend screening for leukemia and FIV viruses which can cause health problems from the start or as your kitten grows up.

We will discuss and create a personalized nutrition plan that will get your new addition started off right. We'll address kitten essentials, and how to care for your kitten.

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As your youngster enters adulthood, behavioural issues can arise which are best attended to right away to nip any problems in the bud and replace them with healthy alternatives. Although most cats enough a healthy adulthood, it's still important to bring them in for annual check-ups. Cats are excellent for hiding problems, and this is the best time to find and address them before they cause illness.

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For mature cats (7-10 years of age), we recommend blood work screening to assess health and provide a baseline to better detect any arising issues. We monitor for dental disease, as it's common for cats to hide problems as they may continue to eat well despite having a painful mouth.

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As cats enter their senior years (10+ years of age), we may see issues arise such as reduced mobility, bad breath and dental disease, vision or hearing impairments, heart disease, digestion upset, weight loss, and more. It becomes even more imperative to seek veterinary advice on how to help your feline friend age gracefully with comfort.

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Dr. Baran knows that your cat is unique, and that's why she takes the time to assess their lifestyle, risks, and need for protection with the use of vaccines. While it is not the sole focus of your cat's veterinary experience, it is always worth consideration and discussion with you to ensure we are doing what's best.

At the cat hospital, we exclusively use non-adjuvanted Merial Purevax vaccines. Adjuvants are often added to many vaccines to further enhance immune response, but unfortunately have been linked to a higher rate of injection site problems including reactions, granulomas, and even chronic inflammatory diseases in cats.

The core vaccine, or "FVRCP", provides protection against feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. This is recommended for both indoor and outdoor cats.

We offer a 1 year rabies vaccine and 3 year rabies vaccine. It is recommended and required by-law to keep both indoor and outdoor cats up to date. Contact your municipality for specific guidelines.

The leukemia vaccine is recommended for cats with a higher risk of exposure, such as cats that go outdoors, as well as young kittens whose current and future exposure to leukemia is unknown. Leukemia is a serious, and ultimately deadly viral infection in cats which has no treatment but is effectively preventable with vaccination. Read more here

Dr. Baran believes in keeping pets safe and acknowledges that some pets may be prone to vaccinosis, a theoreticized condition that may be linked to auto-immune diseases.


As an alternative to yearly or vaccine rotations, we offer the blood titres to check your feline's level of immunity.

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