Telemedicine services & submitting history information

This page is for telemedicine consult requests as well as submitting an updated history on your feline companion for an upcoming visit. There are three items we would like you to submit:

  1. Client registration form (if you have not yet completed one)


  2. History form (whether for telemedicine or upcoming appointment) - see below

  3. Previous history from your vet/shelter/breeder/ect. - please email to


We offer telemedicine services to both our current clients as well as new clients for non-emergency issues. ​This services involves the veterinarian reviewing your pet's medical history, the issue at hand, discussing their diagnosis, and creating a plan of treatment with you.

***If your cat is experiencing any urgent medical issues, please call the clinic immediately 705-586-0414.

These issues include any of the following:

  • blood loss that won't stop

  • respiratory distress

  • severe/bloody vomiting or diarrhea

  • known toxic exposure

  • persistent seizures

  • unsuccessful attempts to urinate

  • severe weakness or pain

  • sudden blindness

  • rapid decline in mental or physical status over the course of the day


The general fee for a telemedicine consult is 65$ + tax. For brief consults of reoccurring issues for current patients the fee is 25$ + tax. Any medication or treatments would be an additional fee to the telemedicine services. Please complete the form below in detail, as this will ensure a thorough review and diagnosis.

Please email videos or photos to









Please call to book an appointment

*Missed appointment fee may apply if less than 24 hours notice is given for cancellation.

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