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Telemedicine services & submitting history information

This page is for telemedicine consult requests and relevant health information for your feline companion for an upcoming consult or visit.


Please submit the following:​

  1. History form - see below

  2. All medical records from previous veterinarian, breeder, or shelter/rescue and email to


We offer telemedicine to current and new clients for non-emergency issues. ​This service is provided:

- to assist those who are self-isolating during Covid-19

- in situations where cats do not travel well or are aggressive

- for your convenience

This service involves our veterinarian:

- reviewing your pet's medical history and gathering detailed information

- assessing the information and reviewing pictures or videos you have provided by email

- discussing their working diagnosis and creating a plan of treatment with you.

*If your cat is experiencing an urgent medical issue, call the clinic immediately 705-586-0414*

These include any of the following:

  • blood loss that won't stop

  • respiratory distress or difficulty

  • severe, persistent or bloody vomiting or diarrhea

  • known recent toxin exposure

  • persistent seizures

  • unsuccessful attempts to urinate or defecate

  • severe weakness, pain, or lameness

  • sudden blindness or swollen/painful eye

  • rapid decline in mental or physical status over a short period of time


Fees for our comprehensive & personalized veterinary care:

Telemedicine consult: $40/10 minutes

Physical examination and consult: $95-200 (depends on urgency, please contact us to schedule an appointment time)

Any medication or treatments are at additional cost. Payment is required at time of consult.

Please complete the form below in detail. This will provide us with the information we need for the most thorough review and diagnosis possible.

Please email videos or photos to

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